Training / Consulting

Sharing and exchanging are integral parts of the DNA of Patrick DOUCET. He offers advice and guidance to baking professionals using a progressive approach, through training programs tailored to students as well as  the Master Class program and educational cycles.



« The promise of a formative experience »

Through his interventions, Patrick delivers his « savoir-faire » and distills his knowledge to make you an accomplished baking professional. His purpose : to pass on  his techniques and his references  in order to help you develop your own signature.

Partners : The French School of Pastry of Chicago and the Stéphane GLACIER School in Paris and in Bucharest, Romania.


L’école Pâtisseries et gourmandises de Stéphane GLACIER

20, rue Rouget de l’isle 92 700 COLOMBES

The French Pastry School

226 West Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, IL 60606 USA


« A pragmatic teaching philosophy based on one principle-sound judgement »

The fields of intervention of Patrick DOUCET are very vast

Business strategy

You would like to define and put into practice a development strategy for your enterprise.

Production control and coordination

You would like to think or rethink your method of organization to optimise your production.

Research and development R&D

You would like to innovate by proposing a range of unique and quality products.

Commercial development

You would like to increase the attractiveness of your store and showcase your products.